Jay-Z & Kanye West – Ni**as In Paris

Super tight vid…

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Shit Everyone Says – Today a MEME dies

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Snoop Dogg Does Dub Step!? Goldie Loc, “Come On Now”

Love the line “Cause I can’t listen to that techno music all day”.  What do we call this DubRap? DubHop? Hip Step?  What do you think of this!? Leave your comments

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Greece-based Innersonar Takes You to Space

Innersonar is one to watch… Very reminiscent of Amon Tobin, Greece-based musicians Kostas Loukovikas (bass, synthesizers, percussion and programming) and Evan Karageorgos (guitars, synthesizers and piano) bring some mind-bending ambient electronica.

Download the Innersonar Proton Radio mix or Listen to more tracks at their SoundCloud page.

What do you think? Is Innersonar the next Amon Tobin?  Leave your comments below.

Source: MediaPushers

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Incredible Beatboxing with Guitar

Super talented musician and Beatboxer Max Bent - if you want to learn to beatbox you can watch his tutorials at Beatbox.Tv

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Shit White Girls Say…to Black Girls

Holler!  This is sure to heat up the Racist debate.

“Hey, do you know a Tyrone Jenkins? He just requested me”

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NEW-ISH: CBG (Chill Black Guys) – Smokin’ On Purp

Pretty solid production value and skating.  These guys gonna do it.

Directed by: @SPAGHETTO

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Snoop Dogg on The Price Is Right

Next stop for Snoop… Supermarket Sweep.


(Via: Dangerous Minds)


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DC Cops Mega Bust Disguised as Recording Studio

Think twice next time you go to record…


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Skrillex Dubstep Christmas House

Pretty sick.  This kid has a future for sure.

35,000 LED lights, 64 Light O Rama channels

“All done by me, a 16 year old, and my dad. Come see it in Meridian, Idaho!” Check out his site.

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